An Ecosystem for creating & trading in-game assets using generative ML


  • Gamers want to express themselves in the games they play, spending about $40 billion a year just on skins, equipment and in-game cosmetics, and it's only increasing!

  • Game studios invest countless resources and time creating these assets, and this development isn't scalable with demand

  • Community engagement is crucial for ensuring player engagement and sustaining active game economies



Our Creation Studio

Where you can:

  • Use on-platform tools to create custom 3D game assets deployed in-game or sold on our platform

  • Use state-of-the-art ML models to generate game specific textures from text prompts and uploaded images

Product Demo

Creation Studio

Machine Learning for Content Moderation & Generation

ML models scan user generated content at scale for profanity, copyright violations and sensitive/explicit content according to the ESRB rating of the game (E, T, M, AO).

Using Latent Diffusion based models, users can generate their own unique game-specific textures and design from text descriptions and uploaded images to put on assets.

Creation StudioStable Diffusion

What's in it for you?


  • Reduces risk by allowing you to recover part of the purchase price of the asset

  • The ability to customize assets for different games, form a creator’s economy, earn revenue and interact in a larger community

Game Studios

  • Access to secure, authenticated secondary marketplace and additional revenue stream through royalties

  • Free service at no additional cost without taking time away from core game development

  • Reduces development workload due to user-generated content, while sustaining active communities for pre-released games

  • Assistance in content moderation & scalable yet unique generated ML assets catered to your game

Meet the Founders

Pranjal Chavarkar

Pranjal Chavarkar

Co-founder & CEO

Product Innovation & Entrepreneurship @ Carnegie Mellon University

LVLUP Ventures412 Venture FundOTMAugle AICranfield UniversityCarnegie Mellon University
Mehul Agarwal

Mehul Agarwal

Co-founder & CTO

Computer Science (Machine Learning Concentration) @ Carnegie Mellon University

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